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Elevated Conveyor Tear Down & Replacement

GBI worked with Wolf Point Engineers & Contractors and Sargent & Lundy to tear-down and re-erect a new 2,100' elevated coal conveyor system at the Sooner Power plant for Oklahoma Gas & Electric.

Our project team's extensive experience and planning with heavy critical loads was instrumental to winning and completing the work successfully.  The GBI team ran multiple shifts and overcame several challenges including work over water and completing work during the spring 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.  It was a great job done with GBI safety and quality.  GBI scope included:

    Removal of Existing Structure:

      •   (2) 36” wide side-by-side conveyors

      •   ~2,100 feet long

      •   300 HP motor

      •   Belt speed 635 FPM

      •   740 TPH

      •   One center walkway

      •   Below conveyor truss

      •   Covered gallery

Installation of New:

   •   Enclosed gallery

   •   (2) 36” wide side-by-side conveyors

   •   ~2,100 feet long

   •   740 TPH  w/surge to 850 TPH                         

(23) Lifts of Trussed Gallery Sections

   •   <120,000lbs lifts, up to 122’ R

(20) Lifts of New Tube Gallery Section

   •   <189,700lbs lifts, up to 149’R


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